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Geotech Solutions International (GSI) wants to be nationally as well as internationally recognized consulting company operating at the forefront of technology to meet the development needs of all its clients. Its main mission is to be ethical as well as sustainable company providing professionally sound services for evidence based development. Followings are major objectives of GSI.

  • Providing technical assistance and consultations to local people, industries, government and non-governmental organizations, companies including other related people and agencies  regarding geoscience, geoengineering, civil engineering , natural science, disaster risk management including other different engineering related subjects, through necessary  studies, research and surveys.
  • For geodisaster mitigation, importing different necessary materials and goods of international quality, technology, equipment in Nepal and managing for market expansion works, management and distribution including post services and consultations.
  • Generating different types of engineering projects, working for its development and providing related consulting services.
  • Creating and developing different types of computer programs and software as per demand related to engineering fields, working for its distribution and providing other related consulting services.
  • Providing training, coaching on different engineering subjects as mentioned above and providing consulting services to other organizations who provide such training and coaching.
  • Providing various scientific goods, technology and equipments to interested organizations, institutions to assist for their research works related to engineering subjects as mentioned above.
  • Providing necessary expert services regarding engineering field to different national and international agencies.
  • Consulting general people, industries, government, non-governmental organization including other related individuals and agencies on engineering related matters through research works.
  • For disaster risk management, creating and developing hardware and software necessary for different types of early warning system including its management, by carrying on necessary investigations and researches.
  • Organizing and working in different national and international level symposium, trade fair, meetings, conferences, seminars and manage for different site excursion programs and also participate in such programs in foreign countries representing the organization.
  • Preparing national and international action plans regarding disaster risk management, engineering and scientific related matters for different places and creating public awareness on it and assisting  governmental and non-governmental  agencies for the preparation in such necessary action plans regarding related issues.
  • Working and participating in auction contract with Nepal police, Nepal army including other people, companies, government and non-governmental organizations representing organization, working on tenders, disaster risk management, engineering and scientific related subject matters through necessary agreements.
  • Taking agency from any national and international people, firms and companies regarding disaster risk management, engineering and scientific related matters. Working as an authority representative and managing for foreign investment, exchange of technology for fulfilling goals of organization on providing related services taking necessary permissions from associated places.
  • Helping in fair evaluation of reports prepared by any company, organizations or people through research and providing necessary comments for its improvements.


Our Team

GSI feels great itself in providing professional, responsive, cost-effective and evidence-based engineering consulting and scientific research services. We have over 18 professionals on staff, including engineers, geologists, environmental scientists, sociologists, engineering technicians, drillers and support staff members.

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Our Services

The services GSI provides can be vital to its clients for their projects and to the physical well-being of the public. Our clients rely upon us to do the very best job, every time - and we do. We are ready to provide efficient and cost effective services in the major fields of engineering.

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Our Expertise

GSI provides professional consultative services in Geotechnical engineering and geodisaster management as well as all kind of site assessments or construction quality control testing. GSI is pioneer to bring Austrian technology in Nepal for rock fall protection.

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