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Site survey for installation of rockfall barrier and rock net in Siddhababa area, Palpa district, report submitted to Trumer Schutzbauten  Austria

Detailed geological investigation of Siddhababa area of Siddhartha Highway was conducted by Dr. Ranjan Kumar Dahal and Dr. Manita Timilsina along with Trumer engineer Dipl-Ing. Markus Haidn along Ch 28+200 to Ch 31+500 identifying the 10 most critical sections for rockall and debris flow.

Detailed intervention measures proposing implementation of Trumer rockfall protection fences, debris flow barriers and slope stabilization meshes are presented in a final design report to Department of Roads, Government of Nepal.

GSI in collaborative support from Trumer is installing a model site at one of the problematic stretches of Siddhababa area free of cost for Department of Roads, Government of Nepal.

Preliminary Damage Assessment of 9 residential buildings of Shah Family in Godavari, Jawalakhel, and Bhaisepati, Lalitpur

Preliminary damage assessment was carried out in the aftermath of Gorkha earthquake at various locations around Lalitpur following a checklist prepared by GSI combining the most relevant features of ATC 20, FEMA guidelines and Government of Nepal Checklist.

Due consideration was given to geotechnical site conditions along with structural and non-structural damages during preliminary damage assessment.

Detailed Damage Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Office Building at Jawalakhel, Lalitpur

Detailed damage assessment of RC office building complying with the performance based evaluation criteria of FEMA 356 and ATC 40 was carried out after completion of preliminary assessment. Beam column capacity ratio was evaluated as a bench mark along with permanent drift ratio to evaluate the structure. The numerical model was calibrated with microtremor measurements for frequency content parameter of the building in its first mode and the strength of concrete and design reinforcements were checked with non-destructive testing methods (NDTs).

Detailed damage assessment showed that the building complied with Life Safety requirement passing the adequacy check for strong column weak beam criterion

Detailed Geotechnical and structural evaluation of Shah Residency, Godavari, Lalitpur

Geotechnical drilling at 5 locations were conducted in Godavari in order to assess the geotechnical properties of soil and check for any geotechincal issues in the aftermath of Gorkha Earthquake and subsequent aftershocks. Liquefaction potential was checked along with soil natural period characteristics using microtremor measurements.

Inadequately compacted filling material in the ground floor resulted in cracked flooring. Solution in terms of soil grouting was suggested to achieve two results: enhance compaction and bearing strength of soil and reduce the potential of liquefaction in case of strong ground shaking.

After geotechnical evaluation, a detailed structural assessment was carried out with material properties evaluated using non-destructive testing (NDT). A numerical model was developed for the building and performance based evaluation was carried out complying with the demands of FEMA 356 and ATC40.

With excessive torsional behavior of the building in its fundamental mode as well as storey mechanism observed in 2000-year return period earthquake (PGA= 0.54g), it was recommended to make some structural interventions. However, at the determined performance point, the structure had a performance level of Life Safety in 2000-year return period earthquake and Immediate Occupancy in 1000-year and 500-year return periods respectively. 

Detailed structural assessment, retrofit design and construction supervision of Masonry School Building in Jawalakhel, Lalitpur

The building in question is of near heritage status (84 years old mud mortar masonry in neoclassical architectural design). The building suffered some damages in Gorkha earthquake especially with separation of corners and textbook flexural and shear cracks. An extensive material testing work was done with tests of 50 cubes of 50mm for brick and mortar samples from the site.

The building was modeled using state-of-art Frame by Macro Elements (FME) method in 3MURI® software tailor made for 3D modeling of masonry buildings. The analysis and design of retrofit solution was carried out complying with EN 1998:2004 response spectrum. Nonlinear Pushover Analysis was conducted using N2-Pushover procedure built in to the software. Material properties were input from the test results.

The retrofit solution was designed and its numerical verification was carried out for earthquake of 1000-year return period (PGA = 0.45g) for life safety consideration. The designed solution was implemented on site with constant supervision during construction.

Geological Field Survey in Kathmandu and Sindhupalchowk area with Research team of Kagawa University, Japan

Geological field survey in the aftermath of Gorkha earthquake was carried out by a team of international research students led by Dr. Ranjan Kumar Dahal in the most affected areas of Kathmandu and Sindhupalchowk.

A series of micro-tremor measurements were recorded at various locations in Kathmandu valley and in Sindhupalchowk. Rapid damage assessments were conducted in cultural heritage locations and highly damaged localities of the targeted districts.

The fact findings of these surveys and other subsequent studies were published as part of international conference proceeding by Dr. Ranjan Kumar Dahal.

PTSD Survey of more than 200 affected people (random sampling) living in damaged locations of Kathmandu valley was carried out in conjunction with research student of Ehime University, 6months after the earthquake as part of socio-technical survey. 


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