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Geotech Solutions International (GSI) is an engineering consulting firm with offices in Bagdol, Dhobighat, Lalitpur, Nepal. GSI provides consulting services in major key areas of engineering and social science. GSI Team has a wealth of experience in the field of project planning, transportation, hydropower, water supply and sanitation, rural and urban infrastructure development, water resources development, social and environmental planning, and disaster risk management.

The office began its life in 2015, January and serves a variety of clients over the spectrum of development, retail, industry, manufacturing, and government service. We have successfully completed more than 60 projects for private, public, legal, and regulatory interests. The GSI’s project management approach contributes to project success through integrated, modern and flexible methods, to deliver results in the most timely, efficient and cost-effective manner. Based on the needs of the project, GSI refines its approach to meet the Client’s requirements. GSI’s resources – which include top-notch professionals backed by significant continuing education and experience, coupled with our in-house drilling and a high-quality soil and rock testing laboratory – give us the ability to successfully undertake a wide range of projects from the planning stages through construction, from research to project oversight. GSI’s experience gives us a special ability to focus on clients’ needs while supplying quality services.

Our staffs include professional engineers, engineering geologists, social scientists, engineering technicians, drillers, support staffs and administrative personnel. It has good office facilities, geotechnical surveying equipment, drilling equipment, vehicles and a library of reference materials, especially peer-reviewed scientific journal papers and reports. Each GSI staff member is committed to providing our clientele with the utmost in quality, professional, cost-effective services. Quality Assurance and Quality Control plans are part of the corporate quality policy of GSI and are implemented by its units on all projects and programs.

Every GSI project team includes at least one of manager-level staff, and every project plan is characterized by a cost-effective, common-sense approach to engineering. At GSI, we take our professional obligations very seriously. The services we provide can be vital to our clients’ fiscal health and to the physical well-being of the public. Our clients rely upon us to do the very best job, every time – and we do. The interests and objectives of GSI’s clients are always given the foremost priority. This is the backbone of GSI’s policy, which is ensured by constant reviews of projects, objectives, and feedback to the clients. GSI provides the ideal combination of technical expertise and professional integrity. Please contact us for more information about the company, the people, our services, or to get a copy of our work experiences.


  • Generating different types of engineering projects, working for its development and providing related consulting services.
  • Creating and developing different types of computer programs and software as per demand related to engineering fields, working for its distribution and providing other related consulting services.
  • Providing training, coaching on different engineering subjects as mentioned above and providing consulting services to other organizations who provide such training and coaching.
  • Providing various scientific goods, technology and equipment’s to interested organizations, institutions to assist for their research works related to engineering subjects as mentioned above.
  • Providing necessary expert services regarding engineering field to different national and international agencies.
  • Consulting general people, industries, government, non-governmental organization including other related individuals and agencies on engineering related matters through research works.
  • For disaster risk management, creating and developing hardware and software necessary for different types of early warning system including its management, by carrying on necessary investigations and researches.
  • Organizing and working in different national and international level symposium, trade fair, meetings, conferences, seminars and manage for different site excursion programs and also participate in such programs in foreign countries representing the organization.
  • Preparing national and international action plans regarding disaster risk management, engineering and scientific related matters for different places and creating public awareness on it and assisting governmental and non-governmental agencies for the preparation in such necessary action plans regarding related issues.
  • Working and participating in auction contract with Nepal police, Nepal army including other people, companies, government and non-governmental organizations representing organization, working on tenders, disaster risk management, engineering and scientific related subject matters through necessary agreements.
  • Taking agency from any national and international people, firms and companies regarding disaster risk management, engineering and scientific related matters. Working as an authority representative and managing for foreign investment, exchange of technology for fulfilling goals of organization on providing related services taking necessary permissions from associated places.
  • Helping in fair evaluation of reports prepared by any company, organizations or people through research and providing necessary comments for its improvements.
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Geotech Solutions International believes in creating and applying new technologies into effect. With the guidance of experts like Dr. Ranjan K. Dahal and Dr. Manita Timilsina, we are working on projects related to the rockfall protection systems, rock slope stability analysis, and landslide inventory mapping. Other works in the field of medium to low-cost slope protection techniques useful for developing countries are also available through GSI. Some of the innovative techniques are discussed below.
Structure from motion:
This new technique is a Photogrammetric model useful for 3D visualization of geo-objects and rock slopes. Dr. Ranjan K. Dahal and Miss Durga Khatiwada are leading our team to make this research success. The photogrammetric model is prepared by taking pictures of a location from different angles overlapping each picture that helps in making high-density point cloud.
Roadside slope stabilization:
In a country like Nepal, road construction is a huge challenge because of the rugged topography of the young Himalayan Mountains. Huge excavations are needed to construct roads. Huge excavations always comes to a bigger challenge in terms of stability. Slope protection should be considered as prime action in all roads. The increasing demand for roads with the increase in the number of vehicles has led us, engineers, to design the roads and protect them in an efficient manner. New and old cost-effective technologies are in practice in the slope protection work. GSI has been practicing the following methods to stabilize the roadside slope of mountainous terrain.
a) High-Performance Rock Fall Protection System: GSI has started solutions for rockfall protection first time in Nepal. We provide a total solution for rockfall protection in Nepal.
b) Cutting edge technology of Soil Nailing uses grouted, tension-resisting steel elements (nails) installed to reinforce the soil. There are varieties of options in this technique to make it cost-effective. Also, it depends on the type of geology, climate, and inclination of the slope. GSI can provide the best solutions for soil nailing.
Landslide Inventory Mapping:
Landslide inventory mapping of whole Nepal is under preparation in GSI. This is a research project of Dr. Ranjan Kumar Dahal and GSI is supporting technically.

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