HCG-GSI Collaboration

GSI is working in collaboration with Himalaya Conservation Group (HCG), providing engineering assistance. GSI is also providing consultation services in large scale landslide evaluation and potential geo-hazard identification with technical solutions including early warning system wherever applicable.

What is HCG?

It is a non-governmental, non-profit organization dedicated to promote Himalayan environment conservation from local to regional level through field studies, research works, and implementation and advocacy of safe and sustainable development approaches focusing primarily on disaster and climate change framework, geo-disaster management framework, and research-based technology framework.


GSI works in consortium with HCG in all of its projects by providing technical assistance. GSI, till date, has completed various projects with HCG successfully with its highly dedicated professionals possessing national to international level of work experiences. From the date of establishment, HCG and GSI are working conjointly for the disaster risk reduction and new technology implementation.

HCG programs
Advocacy for disaster risk reductionResearch and Design of Earthquake technology
Research and Design of landslide, rockfall and its mitigation measuresSatellite office in Kathmandu for Earthquake Reconstruction, Research and Design Center
How do GSI work for HCG?
  1. Project development by HCG
  2. Provision of technical assistance by GSI as per demand of HCG
  3. Project monitoring and supervision
  4. Report preparation and submission after completion of project