Kumunos-GSI Collaboration

GSI is working in collaboration with Kumonos Corporation, Japan for providing latest survey assistance, such as 3D laser scanning.

KUMUNOS Corporation in collaboration with GSI provides the following services in Nepal:

1. 3D Laser Scanning (FARO)

a) Landslides and slope failure imaging at a very high-resolution point cloud data

b) Building stock mapping: Mapping of existing building stocks for preparation of DRM plans/ response plans and routes.

c) 3D mapping of sites of cultural heritage for damaged assessment

2. Mobile Mapping System (Leica Geosystems)
3. Mobile (Car) and Leica Pegasus: Bag pack System for 3D mobile mapping of city areas.
4. KUMUNOS Baum Station

KUMUNOS Baum Station provides specialized reticle for offset surveys, crack detection works in buildings/ bridges and other infrastructure facilities and construction quality control.

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