Trumer-GSI Collaboration

From the date of establishment, GSI has been in a very close relationship with Trumer Schutzbauten, Austria to start a modern technology of rock fall protection system in the Himalayan region. Now it is working in Nepal and supporting Trumer for such works in Bhutan and India. 

What is TRUMER?

Trumer Schutzbauten is our competent and experienced partner regarding  barriers to protect from natural hazards. The company was established in 1991 in Obertrum near Salzburg (Austria). Their teams in Austria, Germany, Canada and the United States consist of experienced engineers, geologists and technicians. They develop innovative solutions that are implemented at our projects in Nepal.

Trumer and GSI in Nepal

GSI is the authorized organization in Nepal that coordinates with Trumer and provides safe, effective and economical engineering solutions to mitigate natural disasters related to rock falls and landslides. GSI has dedicated professionals who are possessing national to international level of work experiences in the field of engineering and geotechnical engineering with extra excellence in work quality that has close implication towards ensuring sustainable development in the Himalayan region. GSI is generating awareness and provide consultations and solutions for mitigating different natural hazards by introducing national and international level technologies in Nepal.

Trumer’s Solutions
Rockfall ProtectionSlope ProtectionDebris Flow Barrier
Gabions Avalanche Protection
How do GSI work for Trumer’s Solutions?

GSI and Trumer has agreement for working model to install Trumer solutions. Following flow chart will be followed when clients ask for support.

  • Consultation with GSI by interested clients.
  • Site visit for research and investigations to locate problematic stretches by Dr. Ranjan Kumar Dahal and his team followed by necessary surveys.
  • Identification of problems and tentative solutions.
  • Data conveyance to Trumer Austria for design and drawings.
  • Preparation of DPR and submission to client.
  • Payment by client to GSI for the installation and construction of Trumer solutions as per requirement in the problematic area

 Trumer SchutzbautenGeotech Solutions International (Trumer-GSI) was Silver Sponsor of 11th Asian Regional Conference of IAEG.