Rockfall protection solutions

GSI, in collaboration with TRUMER Schutzbauten GmbH and Terra Armee, offers solutions for protection from geohazards like rockfall, debris flow, shallow landslides, and avalanches. These geohazard mitigation services are provided with specialized engineered systems developed and manufactured by Trumer with more than two decades of experience.

The expansion of Trumer protective systems reinforces worldwide efforts of geologists, engineers and installation teams to safeguard habitats, buildings and infrastructures from natural hazards. The protection system can be effortlessly installed and maintained.

In case of Nepal, exposure to Geohazards has increased fiercely due to rapid urbanization and a growing population. Nepal’s exposure to geohazards can have adverse impacts on residential and commercial areas, public facilities, construction sites, mines, coast and river embankments, tourist areas, hydropower, roads, irrigation and railways. For this purpose, new technology and technology transfer is the most crucial part of the present scenario in Nepal.

As such, GSI has a suite of solutions to protect from geohazards in the plains of Terai to the Climbing trail of Mt Everest. Cost-effective and technically correct solutions and high- quality materials are key to our problem-solving approach in Nepal Himalaya.