Environmental Services

Environmental Solutions

GSI provides a wide variety of environment-related engineering solutions such as environmental site assessments to testing, monitoring, and design. It has human resources, equipment, experiences, and networks to reduce the client’s problems. From environmental site assessments to EIA or IEE, GSI does the job perfectly.

GSI is well intimate in environmental issues relating to:

  • Natural resource management issues such as mine development, cultural and ecological studies
  • Property evaluations for various environmental concerns
  • Environment-friendly solid waste management system and monitoring
  • Soil science services for agricultural practices
  • Underground storage tanks of gasoline as well as other chemicals and necessary soil and groundwater remediation
Shallow and large-scale landslide evaluation

GSI team consists of renowned engineering geologists, geo-disaster experts, geotechnical engineers and structural engineers to lead the work in large-scale landslide evaluation in the Himalayas.

Rigorous field investigations with geotechnical and engineering geological explorations are carried out. Problem evaluation and solutions are provided by experts in a large-scale landslide.

GSI is working in collaboration with the Himalaya Conservation Group(HCG) as its implementing partner in disseminating landslide hazard knowledge to the grass-root level.

Early warning systems

For the prevention of life loss and reduction of disaster impact of landslide and flood hazards, GSI is working on the implementation of early warning systems in the various mountainous region of Nepal. GSI implements plans for the hazard study, warning system design, public education and proper implementation of an early warning system. It performs various functions as mentioned below.

Landslide hazard mapping
Flood hazard mapping
Community-based low-cost early warning system


GSI trains both technical and non-technical people for the awareness of landslide training programs, posters etc. 


As the first job of environmental assessment, GSI provides Initial Environmental Examination (IEE). It is performed to determine the solution for the reduction or elimination of the impact. GSI mobilizes its experts for IEE and ensures accurate assessment of the area under study.

Environmental impact assessments (EIA) of GSI are custom-designed to meet the specific needs of the client or government institutions involved in particular projects. GSI Team has performed assessments for projects ranging from limited evaluations of small hydropower projects, undeveloped road networks to comprehensive assessments of commercial housing projects. It is performed so as to know whether the projects cause detrimental effects on the environment.